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Kevin Patrick Hobbs

CEO, Management Consulting

Kevin Patrick Hobbs's Bio:

Kevin Hobbs is a Canadian entrepreneur and executive who has been a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2015. Most recently, he served as the CEO of the Vanbex Group, a professional services company specializing in blockchain development and consulting. With his expertise in all things blockchain, Kevin has helped companies of all sizes leverage blockchain, DLT, and Smart Contract technology into everyday applications they can use to compete in the global marketplace. A strategic thinker with a proactive, creative and collaborative approach, Kevin Hobbs has been a tech executive with more than a decade of management experience. He is regarded by his colleagues as a leader with extensive B2B and B2C knowledge and extensive experience in overseeing custom development solutions. Kevin has been involved in a number of areas that range from client service and project management — including business development, framing of key approaches, high-quality client delivery, and written products — to administration, which often includes information technology, reporting and facilities — to such human resources responsibilities as recruiting, mentoring and helping staff members progress in their careers. Kevin attended Dalhousie University in Halifax for business administration and management. He began his career as a day trader in 2005 for Swift Trade in Vancouver. From there, he went on to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing at, where he developed new software and turn key solutions for the Daily Deal industry. He leveraged his experience in 2010 taking a position within the energy sector at Ensign Energy Services, where he would spend the next 4 years overseeing operations of the Rig in Alberta. In 2015, Kevin Hobbs went back to the corporate trading world, accepting a position with FIRMA Foreign Exchange, one of the world's leading foreign exchange brokers (B2B) with locations across Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and expanding in the United States. It was during this time that Kevin realized the potential for growth in the blockchain industry and eagerly wanted to contribute. He has been working to help others implement blockchain ever since.

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